UK Made Thread Protectors

Premier Vinyl Solutions manufacture thread protectors from our British factory based in Telford, Shropshire.

We use state-of-the-art machinery alongside the very best technology available to deliver the highest quality thread protection caps.

Sizing and Quantities

We can make protection caps in all thread sizes from M3 to M68, and in any length. The tables below show our standard sizes, but please ask about longer lengths if required.

We also manufacture nut and thread protection covers so please contact us for more details.

The minimum quantity of orders of our thread protectors is from only 500-1000 pieces. We can handle large quantity and bulk orders with competitive pricing and fast turnaround.

Get in touch

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Standard sizes

Refer to our table of thread protector sizes for standard sized plastic thread protectors and anchor bolt covers we manufacture.

The table includes imperial sizes. Please call for large volume thread protector discounts.

Screw Thread Protectors
Thread SizeInside Length 2Inside Length 2Inside Length 3Minimum Quantity
M310MM15MM25MM1000 Pieces
M410MM15MM25MM1000 Pieces
M510MM15MM25MM1000 Pieces
M610MM15MM25MM1000 Pieces
M810MM15MM25MM1000 Pieces
M1010MM15MM25MM1000 Pieces
M1210MM15MM25MM1000 Pieces
M1410MM15MM25MM1000 Pieces
M1610MM15MM25MM1000 Pieces
M2010MM15MM25MM500 Pieces
M2210MM15MM25MM500 Pieces
M2410MM15MM25MM500 Pieces
M278MM16MM30MM500 Pieces
M308MM16MM30MM500 Pieces
M368MM16MM30MM500 Pieces
M448MM16MM30MM500 Pieces
M488MM20MM30MM500 Pieces
M648MM20MM30MM500 Pieces
M688MM20MM30MM500 Pieces

Please ask about Maximum length.

Imperial Sizes

 Thread Size Inside Length 1Inside Length 2 Inside Length 3 
1/8″ 5MM8MM10MM20MM
1 1/4″6MM16MM30MM70MM
1 1/2″6MM16MM30MM70MM